17 April 2008

London Mayor Elections

Soon it will be time to vote in the elections for the London Mayor, on 1 May 2008. Currently we still have Ken Livingstone as major, but I hope that he will soon be replaced by someone much better.

Ken's achievements have been mixed: he managed to almost bring the office of the London Mayor into disrepute; he has lowered bus fares (after increasing them), at least for Oyster PAYG users; he has increased the costs of cash fares on buses and trains, as well as that of Travelcards; he has introduced to London the hated bendy buses, loved only by those people who travel on it for free; he has given children free travel in a way that encourages them to steal free travel when they longer are entitled to it and a whole children being unruly on buses culture; he has increased our Council Tax bills through his increased spending on pointless projects and things that the London Assembly really should not get involved in; he has broken his promises (e.g. he promised to keep bus conductors, but they soon went); and he is really not a nice man.

I personally would prefer Boris Johnson to be the new London Mayor. If you live anywhere in Greater London (the area covered by the London Mayor, although you would be surprised at how many people who live in Greater London but deny it and deny the truth that the London Mayor has jurisdiction over their town), and you are registered to vote, then please do not vote for Ken Livingstone. He has done enough damage to London already, so it is time for a change.

I cannot tell you who to vote for, but here is Boris Johnson's website: www.boris-johnson.com and read about Boris's plans for small businesses at the Startups website.

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