01 May 2008

Time For A Change, London

It is time for a change in London. Today is the day voters throughout Greater London can finally get rid of Ken Livingstone as Mayor and get a new London Mayor who can change things for the better.

If you live in Greater London and are registered to vote, go out and vote for a new Mayor, otherwise we will have four more years of arrogance, indifference and sleaze from Ken Livingstone.

This election is very tight and it could go either way. Every single vote counts – including yours. Imagine how you’ll feel if you don’t vote today and tomorrow Ken Livingstone sneaks back in because you failed to vote.

There are plenty of candidates to choose from, some extremely to the left or the right, some in the middle, some with fresh ideas, some with stale ideas.

There is a good candidate in Alan Craig, a Christian and quite possibly a good mayor. Also there is Boris Johnson, the only serious contender to replace Ken Livingstone.

Whoever you vote for, get out and vote, and please do not vote for Ken Livingstone, there are at least two decent alternatives. If Ken wins, he will hire more police, but only so they can fine everyone for minor offences like dropping litter. Suppose you are walking down the street, a sweet wrapper falls out of your pocket as you pull out your mobile phone, and then a police officer sees this and fines you £100. Is this the London you want? Do we really want a police state? That is what Ken Livingstone wants.

I would suggest you make your two votes for Boris Johnson and Alan Craig, but the choice is yours.

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