12 October 2007

Mail Strike

The Royal Mail workers going on strike recently should carefully consider their future. They may well be jeapardising it with many businesses and individuals looking for alternatives to using the postal service. The mail workers have their grievances, but surely if they strike, then they are harming the British economy, as many businesses rely on the postal service for their turnover. They will surely find alternative ways of doing business if the Royal Mail is not available or is unreliable (more so than usual).

As the strikes continue, businesses will no longer want to rely on Royal Mail and so the Royal Mail will lose custom and have a smaller revenue, which in turn must lead to job cuts. The first people they should get rid of, when this happens (I believe it is inevitable, and the longer the strikes last, the more staff will have to be made redundant) should be those who were the most militant in their strike action.

The striking workers should be grateful they have a job and are not signing on at the local Job Centre. If they do not like the pay and conditions they should try living on benefits for a few weeks instead of a salary.

I have already cancelled paper statements on my current account in favour of online statements, something I previously resisted as I like to have a printed statement. But as the mail workers are just being stupid and nasty to their customers, I want to reduce, as much as possible, reliance on the Royal Mail.

So, Royal Mail workers, if you are afraid of losing your jobs and that's why you are striking, then get ready to lose your jobs as you ruin the business you work for.

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