28 November 2008

Metricate America

New US President Obama should complete the metrication of the USA as soon as possible.

The USA started off using metric at one time. But over time, the silly old imperial units gained more prominence, becoming known as "English" units, despite being different in their definitions to those used in England, even though most of the world was changing to metric.

Why stay in the dark ages with US Customary Units? If Obama wants change, the way forward is metrication now.

Vote now at the Obama Ideas site: http://ideas.obamacto.org/

Currently the idea to complete metrication is at number 4, with 5,535 votes, so there is a significant number of Americans who do appear to want the USA to change to metric completely. Let's hope that Obama makes it happen.

Americans can look at http://www.metrication.us/ if they need any help with using metric.

1 comment:

Dr. Detroit said...

I couldn't agree more. With Obama's election, there is so much talk about bringing America back to the world community. An America that is a partner, not a dictator. Going it alone hasn't worked, as we've noticed. And going it alone in terms of our delapidated way of measuring has been harming us for a long, long time. We continuously lose business because our companies refuse to use the metric system. Factoring in the inefficiency and the need to teach two measuring systems side-by-side, estimates of our annual losses go up as high as $1 trillion. Considering numbers of engineering, technological, and business miracles our country has pulled off over the years, going metric is nothing more than a one-time upgrade. Most households and corporations go through this process with their operating systems: new MS Windows or new Linux distribution appears, and we have to upgrade every few years. An upgrade to the metric system is done once, and at a small cost--around the price of what we spend on the Iraq War over a course of 1 or 2 days.