29 October 2008

Ross and Brand must go

Here in the UK the BBC recently broadcast a radio programme, hosted by Russell Brand and with guest Jonathan Ross, in which they phoned former actor Andrew Sachs and made lewd and disgusting comments on his answerphone. The BBC have since received over 18,000 complaints about the behaviour of Brand and Ross, and the two presenters have now been suspended from all broadcasting.

I believe that both Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross should be sacked for their disgusting behaviour. The BBC was right to apologise to Andrew Sachs and then suspend the two, but these two "presenters" should no longer be allowed to represent the BBC in any capacity. We would all be better off without the immature Russell Brand in entertainment ever again.

Brand is young, immature and childish. The BBC should not have even hired him in the first place. Now they should sack him, as they have allowed him to get out of control. Jonathan Ross is old enough to know better. He should have stopped Brand from continuing and distanced himself on the day of the phone calls from Brand, and told Brand to stop.

They both should be sacked without delay. Ross costs the BBC millions of licence-payers' money which could be better spent elsewhere. Also, Ross in general is a poor presenter, who often resorts to vulgarity and obscene words, which the BBC have been happy to broadcast in the past.

The Radio 2 production team should have had better judgment and stopped this programme from being broadcast. They must be disciplined as well. The BBC Director General was on holiday and this was probably the last thing he wanted to ruin his break. Until he returns to work, do the staff at the BBC think they can get away with anything? Well this time they got caught out.

The whole thing shows just how bad society has become in the world of "entertainment". Decent people are outraged at the way the BBC has handled this as well the bad behaviour of the presenters. Some people might think there was nothing wrong with Ross and Brand or that it is just a small incident, but I think that people are outraged because this has been building up for a long time, with many disgusting, rude and vulgar people and programmes being broadcast by the BBC and other TV and radio channels.

People are fed up with the immorality and lack of decency in broadcasting today and are now making their voices heard. This recent incident is just too much and people have been pushed too far in the direction of having an open sewer coming into their homes bringing too much filth from the BBC and others.

Things have got to change. Sacking Ross and Brand, and their production team at Radio 2, is just the start. We need to get back to true values, Christian values, those found in the Bible. We need a return to decent wholesome entertainment. Gone are the great entertainers who made us laugh without shocking us, such as Morecombe and Wise, The Two Ronnies and programmes like The Good Life and Dad's Army. They made us laugh without swearing or resorting to nasty pranks to get cheap laughs.

We need a return to a Bible-based society. A good place to start would be to visit these websites:
Online Bible
United Church of God


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Avoura said...

Thankfully Russell Brand did the right thing and resigned. The BBC suspended Jonathan Ross. However, it would be better if they sacked him, as he costs the BBC millions of pounds each year, despite being a rubbish presenter and a vulgar person.