08 February 2007

Snow in the UK

Today we had a heavy snow storm, at least it was heavy by UK standards. With around 10 centimetres in some parts, and around 5 cm where I live, it makes a changes from the weather we normally have. Yesterday it was sunny and dry, today I got up and saw everything covered in white outside. It is cold out today, probably about 2 degrees Celsius here. But I am warm indoors, where it is about 22 degrees Celsius.
I wonder how long the snow will stay for? We had some snow a short while ago here, but that lasted a few hours only. Today it is now 16:40 and the snow is still on the ground, but it is not snowing now, so maybe it will go soon.
A really good thing about the snow is a good photo opportunity, below is a photo I took today:

Snow outside in a London suburb
At least I had already booked a day off work today, so I can "hibernate" indoors!

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