08 February 2007

More Bird Flu

Now that we really do have bird flu in the UK, this is a more serious situation than the light-hearted post I made last year.
With a sick bird in Suffolk, with a 3-km exclusion zone, a 10-km observation zone with a wide restriction zone covering 2000 square kilometres, I think it about time we look at the whole poultry industry.
For example, why do we have factory-produced food such as Bernard Matthews turkey products? More natural foods are far more healthy for us and for the birds themselves. There is way too much demand and consumption of meat and poultry in general, mostly because the farming and food industries can make huge profits from us while encouraging us to neglect our health.
I am not against eating meat and poultry in general, but when people do, they should not overdo it, nor eat poor-quality products. The more highly processed the food is and the more time it spends in a factory, the less good it can do us -- the more of its goodness has been removed.
So if we no longer tolerated such poor food and instead went for quality rather than quantity, then maybe the farmers could start to take better care of their livestock and thus reduce the risks involved in making them sick with things like bird flu.

The map below was taken from the BBC News website, at http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/health/6341389.stm

At least the authorities have taken steps to reduce the possibility of the bird flu spreading.

I will be eating less poultry in next few weeks, and hopefully all poultry in the shops is not contaminated with bird flu or other diseases, but please be sure to cook your food thoroughly and avoid eating raw poultry nor leave raw poultry next to any other food.

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