03 March 2006

Ken Livingstone

What is wrong with the London Mayor? Ken Livingstone was rude to a reporter and left a large number of Jewish people feeling offended and that the Mayor has no regard for them, or perhaps even no regard for any of the people who voted him into power. He was found guilty in court of bringing the office of the London Mayor into disrepute, because he refused to apologise.

Photo, left, shows Ken Livingstone. Looks like he just farted and is trying to deny it.

Humility is an often-forgotten trait, that great men of the past in the main often had. Mr Livingstone would not recognise it if it came up and sat before him. If only he would apologise then he would not be making himself so unpopular. I am surprised that Londoners put up with him and voted him for the second term. I did not vote for him, I voted for his main rival, who actually spoke in defence of Mr Livingstone. I won't be voting for him again, if he supports a man's right to be rude, arrogant and vulgar towards the people of London.

Mr Livingstone, all you have to is apologise for your rudeness and mean it, and then people will like you again. But, you are such an attention-seeker, that you would rather be known for being rude than to be an unknown. He loves controversy for the sake of it. He has no humility whatsoever and is not fit to be mayor.

Photo, right, shows Ken Livingstone on a tube train in London. Looks like he is trying to avoid taking responsibility for something...

I hope that when the next London Mayor election comes around, we shall have a viable alternative to Mr Livingstone and that other arrogant politician that the Conservatives fielded. Sorry, I cannot remember his name, he has faded into obscurity, and probably only supported Mr Livingstone as he realised that we had all forgotten about him. Well, I forgot about him again now.

However, in regards to public transport, I think that Ken Livingstone has made some good progress, I cannot knock him on that. Except that he got rid of most of the routemaster buses and gave us those rubbish bendy buses which are totally unsuitable for London, they are too long, not enough seats and people can travel for free, thus losing revenue for TFL.

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