22 February 2006

Wednesday morning 22-Feb-2006, first blog

Well, I am now starting my first blog. I should have started earlier, but I was busy and only just got around to it. Probably because I got up a bit earlier this morning. I go to work in the afternoon, so the morning is my home time, and when I get to use the Internet. So here we go.

I live in a small flat which is owned by the local council, somewhere in London (not saying where). They recently arranged for installation of gas central heating and took out the antiquated storage heaters, so now I have a decent heating system! However, all good things are not without a snag at times. The boiler has a fault so I do not always get hot water, although today and yesterday and Monday mornings I had hot water, but last week I had very little out of it. An engineer from the manufacturer (Vaillant) came last Tuesday and diagnosed the fault, and said he would have to order a new part, to replace a faulty water valve inside. I am still waiting. Hopefully it will be ready soon so he can come back and fit it. I am glad though that I don't have to pay for it, as the Council paid the contractors, United House, to fit it, and United House have a contract with Vaillant to repair the boiler.

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